The 4 Secrets our Coaches are Using to Lift Others and Make a Bigger Heart-based Impact in the World... 
(even if they don’t feel confident enough!)
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Let’s make YOU an Amazing Coach! In This Masterclass, You'll Discover…
•  The simple game plan my clients are using to go from being stuck in an unfulfilling job to start changing lives around them ...without spending YEARS studying
•  Why giving advice to people asking you for it is the exact WRONG strategy to follow...and the simple plan that makes you the coach they will love for life
•  The Secret Tool - How you can attract your dream clients - without ever being salesy
•  The secret to finding your life’s purpose by helping others go through incredible personal transformations
•  How our clients go from being unfulfilled, sad and frustrated because they’re not knowing and following their real calling in life - to Becoming offered flowers by their clients within just 24 hours…
•  The 3 shockingly surprising ways to have unshakable confidence - and what they are so that you can too… 
•  How to tell the difference between a coach that's BS'ing you, and one that truly has your best interests at heart...
• to do all of this while being 100% completely authentic, and delivering amazing outcomes for people that will love you for who you are
Presented by
Peter Svenning
Peter Svenning is the founder & CEO of Leadership by Heart. He's a international bestselling author and Master Mentor Coach who helps coaches make a bigger impact in the world through incredible personal transformations so they never have to worry again about feeling insecure or not knowing their direction.
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